10 Warning Signs You Need to End Your Relationship

Are you looking for warning signs to end your relationship? Recently, I wrote a post on 10 Easy Ways to Mend a Broken Relationship. I received a lot of questions concerning the topic.

Some people wanted to know why they should work on a strained relationship instead of ending it and starting a new one.

My reply to them was “You need to keep working on your relationship or marriage until you’ve exhausted all your options”.

Today’s post is really about knowing when to call it quits in a relationship. How would you know it’s time to end a relationship?

What are the factors that should determine the end of your relationship? Here are 10 warning signs you need to end your relationship:


10 warning signs you need to end your relationship

1. Your partner continuously abuses you:

If your partner truly loves you, he won’t abuse you either emotionally, physically or otherwise.

He would treat you like his queen because he sees you as a vital part of him.

If he loves you, he won’t hit you when you have an argument or a fight.

He won’t force himself on you if you refuse to sleep with him, and he won’t try to put you down with insulting words.

If your partner continuously abuses you, please call it quits. He doesn’t deserve you.

2. Your spouse cheats on you repeatedly:

We all crave security, commitment, and loyalty in our relationships.

If your partner continuously strays and ends up cheating on you, it simply means he isn’t ready to commit to you.

He hasn’t made up his choice about remaining committed and faithful.

If he loves you enough, he would have self-control and try his best to stick to you and only you.

If your partner repeatedly cheats on you, leave him without looking back. You deserve the best!

3. Your spouse is insecure:

It takes a secure and confident person to love someone genuinely. It isn’t enough to say you love someone when you don’t first feel confident and secure within.

A man should be confident enough to provide for his woman without feeling skeptical about her feelings for him.

He should also be confident enough to know that he can make his woman happy.

The moment he starts asking silly questions like “Are you enjoying it?” when you’re making love or “Are you sure I’m the only man in your life?”, just ditch him. He doesn’t know his onions.

If your partner constantly feels uncertain, easily jealous and apprehensive of losing you, it simply means he’s insecure. That’s bad for a long-term relationship.

4. Your spouse is not straight:

How can you possibly be dating someone who is not straight? How do you still make love to him when you know he’s sleeping with men?

I would understand if you entered the relationship without first knowing that he wasn’t straight.

But the moment you find out, run for your life. Don’t think you can change him; he may pretend to have changed in front of you but he would go back to his ways the moment he is out of sight. It’s not worth it at all!

5. You and your partner are not compatible:

A lot of people don’t consider compatibility when it comes to relationships. They just jump into them like cars on the highway without considering certain factors.

They don’t study one another to check if they agree on certain issues or if they have anything in common.

All they want is someone to stay by their side. When they enter into the relationship, they begin to see how incompatible they are. They start to fight over little issues.

If you are not compatible with your partner in any way; financially, emotionally or spiritually, what are you still doing in that relationship?

10 signs you need to end your relationship

6. Your partner keeps getting you into trouble:

If you constantly run into serious trouble because of your partner, consider quitting that relationship.

When I mean trouble, I mean serious trouble like major disputes, fights with other people, police cases or other terrible incidents.

Anybody who puts your life at risk doesn’t have your best interests at heart. One day he’s going to throw you into a mess you won’t be able to come out of. Run while there is still time.

7. You keep fighting over the same issues:

We all have that moment when we fight over big issues and we struggle to settle it amicably.

That moment when one person just has to be the first to say sorry or compromise before the relationship moves forward.

But when you get to a point where you can’t enjoy a weekend without fighting about a particular issue, you need to consider calling it quits.

If you don’t seem to agree on certain issues, that relationship will never be peaceful.

There will always be unsettled conflicts hanging in the air. You don’t want to deal with that for the rest of your life, do you?

8. You’re no longer happy:

Happiness is something we don’t need to beg for or force someone to give to us; it comes naturally and lights up our world.

If you don’t seem happy or at peace when you’re around your partner, you need to throw in the towel.

Life is too short to be miserable in a relationship. Stop waiting for your happiness because it won’t come back until you’re out of that relationship.

9. You don’t love and trust each other anymore:

Love and trust are the two major things that fuel a relationship; without them, your relationship is already over.

If you look at your partner and no longer see those stars you used to see, it means the magic has evaporated in your relationship.

When you no longer trust your partner enough to confide in him, you need to move on. Stop forcing something that will never work.

There’s no use in hoping that your relationship can be salvaged. Once lost, trust is really hard to regain. That’s the bitter truth!

10. Your instincts tell you to move on:

A lot of us never really listen to our instincts; we prefer to listen to other people who feel they know us better than we know ourselves.

What’s your mind telling you about this relationship? How do you feel about this person? Are your instincts warning you? I think you should better listen because your instincts never lie.


There you have it! If you’ve been contemplating whether to end your relationship or not, just watch out for the signs listed above and listen to your instincts. Your mind will tell you what to do!


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