How to Get Out of the Friend Zone in 8 Simple Steps

A few days ago I wrote a post on 6 Undeniable Signs You are in the Friend Zone and I listed a few signs that could show you whether you are really in the friend zone or not.

If you’ve confirmed that you are actually in the friend zone with someone, I’m sorry if you feel hurt by that discovery but don’t worry, I can help you get out of the friend zone fast.

But before I continue, I want to throw a few questions around… What did you do when you realized that you were in the friend zone? Did you go to your best friend and start a fight? I hope you did not because that would be a terrible thing to do. But even if you did, I guess there wasn’t much harm done?

I know exactly how you feel right now. I know you just want to get this over with and live happily ever after with your secret crush. That’s your dream, right? If that’s what you want then follow these steps to help you get out of the friend zone:



How to get out of the friend zone

#1 Tell her exactly how you feel

Now that you’re ready to step up your game, my advice is to be a man and tell her how you feel about her. You have to choose the right place and time before conveying your message to her.

Watch her facial expression when you break this news to her. If she seems angry or indifferent then I’ll suggest you let her absorb the information for a few days before bringing up the topic again.

#2 Ask her out on a date

If she seems cool or happy with your news, then the next step is to ask her out and plan a romantic date. Take her out to a cool place where you can chill out and just talk. It must not be the fanciest restaurant or the latest bar in town. Just plan something nice within your budget.

#3 Be Yourself:

Another vital step is just being your real self. Don’t over impress her because you want her to fall in love with you quickly. Don’t pretend to be who you’re not just to impress her. Just remember to take things gently; one thing at a time. Allow the love to grow from within.

#4 Never use her words against her:

I’m sure she told you a lot of secret stuff when you were best friends; stuff that she wouldn’t tell anyone else. Don’t take this opportunity to question her about her secret life.

Don’t try to use her words against her or force words into her mouth either. Just let it be. She trusts you already. If she really wants to talk about it, I’m sure she would bring it up herself.

#5 Enjoy each other’s company:

Because you’re dating now doesn’t mean you should become uptight and serious with her all the time. In fact, this is the best time to get to know each other better and to enjoy the friendship you both share. Do all the fun stuff you both love and don’t stop being each other’s best friends.

#6 Treat her like a lady: 

Please always remember to treat her the way she deserves. Buy her gifts occasionally, compliment her every day and open the car door for her. You know exactly where I’m going with this. Just woo her the right way. Don’t treat her like a fellow guy. Be romantic!

How to get out of the friend zone

#7 Get intimate with her: 

Intimacy is the only thing that will distinguish you from an ordinary friend. By intimate, I don’t mean luring her into your bed. I suggest you start by touching or holding her and then kissing her. Take things gently but don’t be a snail about it either. Allow her to warm up to you before you start asking her to sleep with you.

#8 Flow with it: 

Just flow with the relationship dude. You don’t have to plan everything perfectly right now. Everything will fall into place as you keep going further into the relationship. Just remember to have fun with your new girlfriend.


I guess I could say congratulations in advance now because I know you would put all these tips into practice and get out of the friend zone. But, if you try all these tips and none of them work, you’ll have to face the awful truth that she’s just not that into you.

You can either stay friends with her or break up with her and direct your love to someone else who is willing to love you back. No one is worth dying for; your love could just be around the corner. Don’t stop searching!


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